Please  see your health care provider for preventative health recommendations before traveling to Educador.  The CDC is a great up-to- date resource:

Immunization Recommendations

Hepatitis A
You should be up to date on routine immunizations:  (i.e, Tetanus, measles, varicella, and polio).
You should be able to obtain all of these from your general physician.

Yellow Fever immunization IS NOT required.
No malaria medication is necessary.

 Suggested First Aid Kit

Any prescription medication you may be taking
Band-Aids and Antiseptic cream
Tylenol or any medication you would take for aches and pain
An antibiotic prescribed by your health care provider – in case you get  traveler’s diarrhea, and OTC medication for diarrhea
Disinfectant wipes
Bug spray or wipes, and Anti-itch cream