Code of Conduct Agreement for AUF, Inc.  Project Participants


I,  __________________________ uphold the following defined expectations:

1.     Absolutely no use of drugs.  If a participant is found to be engaged in the use of drugs, they will be sent home if that is possible and they will not be allowed to participate in another project in the future.  This is not an outward bound or a behavior rehabilitation program.

2.     No use of alcohol if you are under 21.  No smoking on work sites or in Mi Cometa.  Please do not smoke around children in the homes.

3.     Be appropriate with your dress; no low cut shirts or provocative clothing

4.     Punctual attendance at meetings and events.

5.     Appropriate language; this means no swearing or abusive language.

6.     Respect for your Ecuadorian host family; their home, belongings and their culture.

7.     Respect and adherence to the curfew.  Your host family needs rest as do you.

8.     Do not move about the barrio unless accompanied by a member of your host family.

9.     Enthusiastic participation in all aspects of the project.  Everyone needs to pull their weight and help each other from work group to travel group.  Attitude is everything!

10. Respect for the group leaders; if you have questions about decisions that are made, please speak with us,

Signed: __________________________________________    

Date:  _________________________________

Parental signature if participant is  under age 18:   ____________________________________