CASF - AUF's Educational Program

Creación de alumnos sin fronteras (CASF) is AUF’s educational scholarship/tutoring program. The CASF program currently sponsors 45 K-12 students in Guasmo Sur, Ecuador. Although public education is technically free in Ecuador, there are still costs associated with schooling that are difficult for families to manage, such as uniforms, textbooks, school materials, and matriculation fees. Many families are unable to send their children to school regularly, and some families alternate which child attends school.  Furthermore, we encourage our students to attend local private or parochial schools, which are better funded and more regularly staffed than public schools.

In addition to its scholarship program, CASF offers a tutoring and enrichment program to all its students.  Our tutoring/enrichment program has a monthly “thematic” curriculum designed to enhance what students are learning in their schools, with special emphasis placed on the areas that receive little or no focus in the public system, such as the arts and sciences, geography, and health.  Our Director of Education, Angelica Montaño Reyes, works with a team of three teachers from the community (Kristel Noboa, Alvaro Paja, and Daniel Lucio) who are participating in a work-study program. Angelica, Alvaro, and Daniel are CASF alumni. If you are interested in supporting our teachers, their expenses range from $100 to $3000.

All of our CASF students are required to attend our biweekly tutoring/enrichment program and to maintain a “C” average in all of their classes.If you are interested in sponsoring one of our students, a full-year scholarship costs $450, while a half-year scholarship costs $225.

 CASF has also hosted a number of North American summer interns.  If you are a college student and would like to know more about our internship opportunity, please take a look at our intern application.

Educational mission to Guasmo Sur, 2018

Educational mission to Guasmo Sur, 2018

CASF will be sponsoring an educational mission to Guasmo August 1 - 12, 2019. If you are interested in participating, please download our brochure and complete our application.