Half Scholarship for Leslie

Half Scholarship for Leslie


Leslie Piloco Rodríguez

Hello, my name is Leslie Piloco. I am 14 years old and soon I will be 15. My family is composed of 5 wonderful people who I love very much. I go to high school at Nuestra Señora del Quinche.

This year I want to play more sports, face any obstacle in front of me head-on, not look for excuses, be a bit more optimistic, and set a good example for my friends and family. I also want to appreciate the things I have more and not refuse what life gives me, speak English better, continue working on my music in order to win a scholarship at the music school, and become more disciplined.

When I graduate, I want to go to college so that I will have a better future. I want to become an obstetrician. I love to see how babies grow and develop and how their parents receive them with such love.

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