Full or Half Scholarship for Maria

Full or Half Scholarship for Maria

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María José Espinoza Zavala

My name is Maria Jose Espinoza Zabala. I am 12 years old and I was born on February 10, 2007. I live with my family, which includes my mom Wendy and her husband Victor, my sister Nicole and my brother Andrews. I study at a high school called El Colegio Mixta Fiscal José Mejías, where I am in the 8th year. I like to paint, draw, and do group projects.

I am very happy to participate in the CASF program this year and I know I will learn a lot in the program. I am thankful for the people I’ve met at Mi Cometa who are dedicated to working with students to help us transform into important people in the world.

My goal is to finish my studies and continue to the university where I would like to become a working professional. When I conclude my studies I hope to become a police officer.

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